Our name is Basta!, which means “stop”…  but nothing will stop us!

Since four years we plow stages, heat hearts, ask brains, we sweat and we worry, we eat together before rehearsals, drink together during rehearsals, senseless laugh together after rehearsals. We thought to make prog, but we are not so sure: waiting to have a label for our music – not only in a metaphorical sense – we continue to play our oddly curious instruments, mixing the pungent notes of diamonica with the groove of drum’n’bass, making the melodies of the bass clarinet in dialogue with the pressing of the electric guitar riffs. Listen to us, but then keep persisting and listen to us again: if you want to understand us you need time, a working mind and a heart eager for novelty. It’s a global love what we ask you for. We try to make you ours: you, try to make us yours!

Good experience!

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