NEWebsite! New album! New photos! New live! New Basta!!

Hi proggers from all over the world!

We are truly glad to announce the new website, completely renewed by Lorenzo “the master of the webmasters” Cioni!

And this is just the first of several rocking news! šŸ˜‰

Finally the new album, “Elemento ANTROpico”, is finished. In the next weeks we will offer you a boooost of viagra sans ordonnance venta viagra espaƱa strange and genuine prog’n’rock sound!

With a new

album, naturally, new photos came! Here in the homepage you can see a taste of them,Ā made by our celestial photographer Celeste Messina, the only one who can succeed to make our faces quite decent.

Last but not least, the imminent live date at “Crescendo Festival” in Saint-Palais sur Mer (France), on August 18th. We will be the only italian band to play there, therefore we feel the responsibility and the proud to bringĀ thereĀ the celebrated flagĀ of italian prog!


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